Fun Box Monster Podcast #42 Metamorphosis : The Alien Factor (1990)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #42 Metamorphosis : The Alien Factor (1990)

Not sure what the name of this one refers to... I see the metamorphosis. That definitely happened. There were aliens I guess. But not sure what the factor was. They were making aliens, so maybe it was supposed to say "The Alien FACTORY". That makes some sense. Plus, it opens up great marketing opportunities. You could have a tie in with The Cheesecake Factory. "Metamorphosis : The Cheesecake Factory". Uggh. I just look at a Cheesecake Factory and I have a metamorphosis. Mondays right? Plus, trying on swimsuits? ACK! What was I talking about? Oh yeah. This movie. The monster definitely isn't a giant penis. Now I want cheesecake. Anyway, grab your favorite Boglin, hire a couple goons, and cozy up to the best movie to ever star a monster that is totally not a giant penis, Metamorphosis : The Alien Factor.  

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  • Chad Pennell
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