Fun Box Monster Podcast #43 Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #43 Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Maximum Overdrive is the story of a huge semi-truck...full of cocaine that pulled up outside Stephen King's house. After snorting a metric ton of it, he wrote this nutso movie. And thank god he did. This is the movie that's so beautifully stupid that nobody else would have dared to make it. I wake up every day thanking my lucky stars that Stephen King hadn't hit rock bottom before he got to make this beautiful disaster. What do you get when you mix an armory full of weapons, a bunch of drunk Australians singing about doing it, a fleet of old trucks, 4 tons of cocaine, and 6 tons of plastic explosives? Magic. That's what. So strap on your Green Goblin head, your black market bazooka, and your best hitchhiking straight razor and get ready to join Matt and Tristan in the magical world of Maximum Overdrive. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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