Fun Box Monster Podcast #46 Black Roses (1988)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #46 Black Roses (1988)

The citizens of Mill Basin are up in arms that middle-of-the-road hair metal band Black Roses have a four night engagement at the gym of the local high school. In a real spit in the eye of your typical Footloose style movie, it turns out that the concerned church-types are right. This band has sold their souls to the devil and now has the power to hypnotize kids into killing their parents. Things get really weird when a high school teacher, who looks like the Brawny paper towel mascot fights a puppet in his kitchen and then decides to burn down the entire school with all the children in it. And he's the hero! So grab your Man-O-War Bondage outfit, your haunted stereo, and your white Lamborghini and get ready to dunk your head into the giant vat of poutine that is Black Roses. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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