Fun Box Monster Podcast #47 The Pit (1981)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #47 The Pit (1981)

 Instead of developing coping mechanisms that might help him with the daily worries and disappointments that the average child faces, Jamie tends to solve all his problems by throwing them into a pit filled with prehistoric carnivores. This combined with him being a weird little perv, makes him a pretty unpopular kid. 

    Jamie is a great example of why the mental health field has never opted to incorporate huge pits full of murderous troglodytes into their child therapy sessions.

     So grab your favorite filthy teddy bear, some artistic nudes,  around 20 pounds of miscellaneous meats and join Tristan and Matt for the sensitive analysis of mental illness that is the 1981 film, The Pit. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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