Fun Box Monster Podcast #49 Pledge Night (1990)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #49 Pledge Night (1990)
If you watched Stephen King's Dreamcatcher, and thought..."Gee...this movie's great and all, but I wish there was more butt-stuff." We have the movie for you.  Acid Sid is the ghost of a murdered frat pledge who has returned from the grave to kill off the new pledges at a fraternity who's name sounds like peen. After a bunch of ass paddling, and other ass games, we get down to some serious murder. Some of it involving the exploding of people's asses. So grab your anchovy paste, a toilet banana, and a selection of mildly tainted maraschino cherries and join Matt and Tristan for a taste of the true college experience in 1990's asstastic monstrosity, Pledge Night. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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