Fun Box Monster Podcast #50 Society (1989)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #50 Society (1989)
Rich people are weird, right? Like, they're just gooier than the rest of us. Knowing just how gooey they are, it should be of no surprise to any of us when they start raising lower class people in their giant mansions, giving them everything they could ever want, then suck out their life force in a ritualistic orgy where they all just kinda blend into a giant ambrosia salad of skin and organs. If this sounds like your cup of tea...(it's a reference.) then grab your never-ending bottle of suntan lotion, your sweet party-jeep, and your best shunting suit, and join Matt and Tristan for the 100% true story of the 1% that is, Society. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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