Fun Box Monster Podcast #51 Dead Heat (1988)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #51 Dead Heat (1988)
When I think Dead Heat, I think of two things. Buff Joe Piscopo and The Asphyxiation Room. Clearly we have zombie cops fighting zombie monsters. Sure. But more importantly, there's a room that does nothing but asphyxiate stuff. No child lock. No warning signs. No emergency exit. It asphyxiates you, and you can just stumble in there when you're looking for the bathroom. It's controlled by some sort of, I don't know, asphyxiation dj? He sits at a panel and hits buttons and faders and I guess he controls the type of asphyxiation you get? Man. So many questions. So, get in your hot convertible, grab your finest fish tank, and melt your self into a puddle of organic mess for the classic 1988 film, Dead Heat. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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