Fun Box Monster Podcast #52 Silent Night Deadly Night 5 (1991)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #52 Silent Night Deadly Night 5 (1991)
Here's the problem with Christmas. Everybody's so worried about Grinches and Bumbles and whatever, that they forget to look out for the more prosaic horrors, like cyborg children built by an alcoholic Mickey Rooney who build boobytrapped toys to kill kids and get adopted by their moms. Especially, when it turns out that your dad is accidentally killed, and he turns out to not be your real dad, and your real dad turns out to be some weird mall Santa who buys too many toys and spends all day cruising around residential neighborhoods looking in kid's windows, and you get kidnapped by a robot and your babysitter's boyfriend gets fingered by toys and then murdered by an RC car... We've all been there. So join Matt and Tristan for a romp through the winter wonderland that is, Silent Night Deadly Night 5 : The Toy Maker.

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  • Chad Pennell
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