Fun Box Monster Podcast #24 Neon Maniacs (1986)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #24 Neon Maniacs (1986)
Like Dracula's castle or Frankenstein's lab, the Golden Gate Bridge is known for one thing: Neon Maniacs. That baby is just full of these little guys. There's an entire Village People's worth of monsters with specific jobs, with enough left over for an Abba and like 2 Bee Gees. You've got Samurai who cuts stuff, a biker who hits stuff with a chain, a noose Guy, who does noose stuff, the little sentient avocado with meathooks for hands who is surprisingly an accomplished classical pianist. Plus a bevy of other fun friends. Join Tristan and Matt as they dissect a true eighties classic, in spite of it giving us neither an ending, nor any idea of who our villains are or what they want. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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