Fun Box Monster Podcast #25 Spookies (1988)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #25 Spookies (1988)
Once upon a time, some old guy in an attic with deep vein thrombosis of the forehead, lured some middle-aged teens into an old house. This house was haunted by...well, pretty much everything. There's zombies. There's a vest wearing were-cat. Some copyright infringing Ghoulies. A hallway monster with a tentacle that melts your face. There's a Spider-Lady, a glowing ball-head lady, some fart monsters, and too many others to count. Despite this movie being cut down to 45 minutes and then rebuilt by a new director who had never seen a horror movie, this movie has a certain something that we can't help but love. Listen as Matt and Tristan put their most positive spin on the USA Up All Night classic movie, Spookies. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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