Fun Box Monster Podcast #26 Stay Alive (2006)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #26 Stay Alive (2006)
Journey with us...INTO THE FUTURE.... The year is 2006. Survival horror games are playing on every PS2 in the world. A group of teens with a seemingly endless supply of OFFICIAL ALIENWEAR PC components, does battle with Elisabeth Bathory, who has moved to Ohio and started developing polygonal video game tech. Luckily for us, the game starts killing people in real life, or it would just be people playing video games. Who would watch that? Anyway, Ohio citizen Bathory is killing anybody that dies in the game. Our plucky teens need to overcome the police, their inner turmoil about housing, and a fear of fire to save the day and put some nails into this lady's face. PLUS IT HAS FRANKIE MUNIZ and a guy who ISN'T MATTHEW LILLARD. BUY ALIENWEAR!

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  • Chad Pennell
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