New Comics for November 7th 2018! My Dinner With Venom! 0

Marvel Super Heroes continues to be the best kids book ever! Infinity Wars is slowly winding down, Death of the Inhumans has the saddest cover... We talk about the Walmart books for WAY too long...

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for October 31st 2018 Spooky stuff! 0

READ MAD MAGAZINE!!! Read Edgar Allen Poe's Snifter of Terror! There's great stuff. Holy crap...Avengers Halloween Special has a John Carpenter's The Thing Captain America thing? Good God. Crisis and stuff. Read this stuff!!!

  • Chad Pennell

Fun Box Monster Podcast #10 Forever Evil 0

Matt and Tristan look back with rose colored glasses at the 1987 disasterpiece Forever Evil. As The Birds is to Birdemic : Shock and Terror, Evil Dead is to Forever Evil. Shot on a relatively low budget, super ambitious, with some fun moments, fun characters and some pretty hilarious misses. An overall fun, silly eighties horror flick, that (coming in at about an hour and fifty minutes) probably could have done with about 20 minutes of edits but still well deserving of a watch by schlock fans.

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for October 24th 2018 0

Old Lady Harley, What if Thor were raised by Frost Giants? Spider-Girls, MST3K the Comic!

  • Chad Pennell

Fun Box Monster Podcast #9 Ghoulies II 0

Ok... Sure there's not a lot to go on for this one, but we soldier through... Love this movie warts and all. Sets are the best, plus its full of Ghoulies. Some great actors giving it all for a movie about little goblin monsters that sometimes eat people's asses.

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for October 17th, 2018 New Marvel Zombie! Black Metal Ghostrider! Sean Murphy on the cover of Lucifer… 0

We do a day late review of the books out this week. Including a new Lucifer series, What if? Ghost Rider, Weapon Hex, Venom Annual #1 with a James Stokoe Juggernaut vs Venom story!?!

  • Chad Pennell